Lift and define droopy eyelids in seconds with our Instant Eyelid Lift
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Now you can look younger, refreshed and more alert

About Eyelid Droop
Eyelid drooping is a common issue among aging men and women, many of whom opt for cosmetic surgery to correct the problem.  Before we developed the original Eye Magic®, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) was the only option. 

About Ptosis: With time, upper eyelids start to sag as muscles lose their elasticity. This is called Ptosis. Eye injuries, neurologic problems, and diseases such as neuromuscular disorder myasthenia gravis or even diabetes can also bring on ptosis. Botox, used to eliminate wrinkles at the brow and forehead, may also cause temporary drooping (the problem can last for months, so it may not feel temporary).

eyelid surgery
Eyelid Surgery

Our eye lift products provide a temporary, non-surgical option by simulating a second layer of skin, lifting droopy upper eyelids for a more youthful look.  Order with Confidence! We offer a 30 day guarantee 

   If you have a medical eye condition, please consult your doctor prior to using. 
Eye Magic is the inventor of the Instant Eyelid Lift. Patents registered and pending. 

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Are you looking old and tired?
Now you can look younger, refreshed and more alert

Patented design, with a natural upper curve, for a Western Eyelid. 
Our line of instant eye lift products lifts and defines droopy upper eyelids

An Instant Eyelid Lift in Three Steps

Step 1

Remove transparent strip, place on one finger

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Lift one end of the strip
Use tweezers if desired.

Step 2

Apply small amount of eye lift gel to the adhesive

apply eye magic 2

Our eye lift kits include the gel
*Optional, recommended for new users

That’s It!

Experience amazing results with Eye Magic!

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A Youthful Eye Lift in 60 seconds
*Experienced user 

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Easy to apply.
Easy to apply.
Verified Amazon Customer
Not visible with or without makeup. Slightly difficult to take off but once you get the hang of it is easy. Would buy again and definitely recommend. Help shape my eyes, remove hooded eyelid.
What a Difference
What a Difference
Amazon Customer
I am 69 years old, and I decided to give these a try after a friend talked about them. What a difference in my sagging eyelids and the lift is very noticeable. I see where others say they can be seen, but they blend in very well when placed, and I wear them for a week at a time before changing...I wash my face and pat my upper eyelid dry...unbelievable. When placing them, and I am an expert now, I don't use the little container of gel...I am extremely pleased with this product!!!
They are fantastic!
They are fantastic!
Verified Amazon Customer
So easy to apply. Love the way they feel and my eyes look great.
I Love these Premium Eye Lifts!
I Love these Premium Eye Lifts!
100% buyer satisfaction
100% Positive feedback
Thanks for a good deal and rapid shipping.
Quick shipping and customer follow up!
Quick shipping and customer follow up! Verified Amazon Customer
I have been using these for years.

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