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Applying Eye Magic

Solve Your Droopy, Sagging, Eyelid Problems

Eye Magic can quickly and easily restore droopy upper eyelids to a youthful shape, without the cost, risk, and recovery time of eyelid surgery. Improve your appearance in seconds…in just THREE easy steps!

Step 1

Remove transparent strip, place on one finger

apply eye magic step 1

Lift one end of the strip
Use tweezers if desired

Step 2

Apply eye lift gel
to strip adhesive

apply eye magic 2

Our eye lift kits include our eye lift gel
Recommended for new users

Step 3

Apply adhesive side of eye lift strip to eyelid.

apply eye magic step 3

A Youthful Looking Eye Lift
in 60 seconds
Experienced user 

6 Tips for Applying Eye Magic

Keep these tips in mind when applying Eye Magic

Eye Magic can make a big difference in the way you look and feel. The product is designed to brighten tired or heavy eyes by adding support to drooping upper eyelid skin, without the high cost, recovery time, and potential complications of eyelid surgery. Once you’ve mastered the application process, you’ll find the improvement in the way you look is truly amazing. Here are six tips to help you successfully apply Eye Magic:

1. Read the instructions!
This may seem obvious, but reading the instructions included with your package is very important. There is a unique process for applying Eye Magic, and you have to follow each step in order, or you may have difficulty positioning the strips properly. Always follow these three basic steps: (1) Remove the strip from the backing (2) (New Users) Apply a small amount of gel to the sticky side of the strip, and (3) Position the strip on the fold line of the eyelid and adjust as necessary.

2. Take your time and be patient
Relax and take your time! Remember, you are learning a new skill. Be patient with the application, and realize that you may not get it on the first try. You may have to remove the strip from your eyelid and reposition it a number of times until you get the hang of it. With a little effort you can make it work, so keep at it until you do. Don’t give up after trying only one set of strips!

3. Each eye is different
Remember that each eye is a little different. Positioning the Eye Magic strips may not be the same for both eyes and may change slightly between applications. After a while, you’ll get a feel for the application and will be able to easily correct the droop of your lids by adding support where it’s needed.

4. New Users – Always use the gel
Eye Magic strips are far too sticky to apply without the gel. Always apply a thin layer across the sticky side, just enough to cover it. The gel allows for repositioning and easy removal without sacrificing the strong adhesion needed for all day wear. After hours of wear, you’ll find the strips will loosen a bit, which allows for easy removal. If you need to remove the strips while they are still tightly bonded to the skin, you can use mineral oil or any make up remover containing mineral oil for quick removal.

5. Be creative with the strips
The Eye Magic strips come in two sizes that will work for most eyelids. However, eye shapes and sizes vary so much that for some people, a little creativity may be necessary. Here are some possible solutions:

  • If you find the strips are too long, trim the ends off after peeling them from the backing.
  • To further decrease visibility, clip the ends off at an angle (longest point on the top).
  • If you need less coverage, trim the strips to make them a bit thinner while they are still on the backing. This may take some practice.
  • If you need more support for the skin above the eyelid, you can layer or overlap the Eye Magic strips.
  • If you have a lot of excess skin, you can trim a third strip and add it where it’s needed. Layering doesn’t necessarily increase the visibility of the strips, so give it a try if you feel you need the extra support. Always use the gel, regardless.

6. Adjust your technique if the strips buckle
Some new users have found that the Eye Magic strips “buckle” in the middle. Buckling can be caused by two things: using too much gel, or the Eye Magic strip is too long to properly fit the eye. Make sure you are using only a small amount of gel, just enough to coat the adhesive side of the strip with a thin layer. If you find that the strips are still buckling, snip off the ends of each strip before applying. Eye Magic is versatile and snipping the ends won’t reduce the effectiveness of the strip. Be creative and use the techniques mentioned in Tip #5.

Just like that! Application is fast and easy and the results are truly astonishing!